Operational and Technical FAQs

  1. Can a contractor take the test again?

    During each billing period of one month your allocation of test invites is restocked based on your account level. You can then use these however you wish.

    Each candidate can be tested more than once if you wish.

    If a contractors contract is yet to begin their contract, it will be difficult for them to answer every question accurately, but the test may still give them a result providing they answer enough questions and the most important ones, otherwise their result could be indeterminate.

    Either way, they will need to retake the test after they have started the contract, and within four weeks of the contract start date to ensure that they are covered by the insurance.


  3. What happens if a contractor is invited to take the test, but doesn’t?

    You have the option to cancel any tests that contractors have received invitations for but haven’t yet taken. The credit for the test is added back to your account for the billing month in which the invite was created.

    Tests that have not been taken within 7 days of being invited are also automatically expired and re-credited back to your allocation for that month.


  5. Should we invite all contractors to take the test?

    The purpose of the tool is to completely outsource the compliance activity for you, to save you costs. Provided you have capacity on your account we suggest you test every contractor.

    Whilst over time you are likely to learn which types of contractors and assignments are unlikely to pass, you could consider not using some of your allocation for that month by not testing them.

    If a contractor is likely to pass the test and you plan on processing T&S for them, and want them insured, they will need to take a test and have a result with a reference number to then be included on the insurance.

    We recommend you simply test everyone as a matter of course, in order to build up a 100% compliance record with no corner cutting. This can then be demonstrated to HMRC in the event of an investigation.


  7. Can we link SDC Testing with our systems?

    Yes. SDC Testing has an API. Each worker has a unique client reference that you create and use. You can add workers and request test results with ease. If the API doesn’t currently provide what you want, we can very quickly extend it to do so, usually within days.


  9. Is the data backed up?

    Yes. We are using Amazon Web Services, which is used by Netflix. We have a 99.9999% uptime on the server. If it’s good enough for Netflix then it’s good enough for us.


  11. Can we access historic data?

    Yes. All data is saved for you. All reports and historic tests can be accessed via the online management system. In the event that you need a bulk download of all the reports that can be arranged.


  13. Can we see a demo?

    Yes. Please register with us and we will send you some free tests so your firm can try the system out.


  15. Do we have to share all our contractors details?

    No. We have a “Candidate Privacy Option” available where you simply provide a unique employee reference number and we will generate a test link for you to email to your worker. If you do provide the workers email addresses then we can handle the bulk sending of emails and reminders to take tests.

    There are further options available by integrating with our API. We can send email requests to a “Web hook” end point that you develop your end, which would then look up the email address for the worker and forward the email. Alternatively you can integrate with our API end point and add candidates and test links from your own systems. This is something you might want to consider after a few months once you are happy with the process and wish to automate further.