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Your complete SDC management solution

SDC Testing is a unique online SDC management solution, combining an automated compliance test, an optional insurance offering and more to guarantee complete protection for your umbrella company.

Upon purchasing credits, you can bulk-upload details of your contractors who will receive automatic email invitations to take the test, followed by reminders. The test will determine whether you process their expenses and insure them. Double test taking is encouraged to demonstrate your due diligence.

Meanwhile, the API interfaces to automate the link between your existing systems and SDC Testing. All of this reduces your umbrella company’s workload, as well as the need to hire more resources.

Process flow chart

1. Register

2. Testing

3. Process

4. Insure

How the SDC test works

Our SDC test is composed of a comprehensive set of questions which are used to capture a comprehensive understanding of the contractor’s situation and their relationship with the client. Their answers are then analysed using a bespoke algorithm to reach an assessment, consisting of a risk profile and extensive compliance recommendations. You can then decide whether or not to process the contractor’s expenses.

How the insurance works

For absolute peace of mind, you also have the option to fully insure the contractors whose expenses you decide to process. This includes a rigorous tax defence if your company is subject to a HMRC investigation, as well as full cover against a negative judgement, including tax loss and penalties.

Integrating SDC Testing

Our solution also comes with a comprehensive API. This enables you to integrate your back office systems for greater automation. In turn, this ensures greater ease of use, accuracy of data, and reduced workload.

How do I get started with SDC Testing?

With potentially thousands of contractors on your books, you’ll have little time to waste. Getting started with us couldn’t be any more straightforward.

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