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Why you can’t trust HMRC tools

You’re probably aware of HMRC’s advice and tools on SDC, but can you trust them? As well as requiring a huge overhead to use on a one-by-one basis, HMRC’s solution is bound to be biased, as every failed test means more cash for the taxman. SDC Testing will give you an honest assessment, and our reports will even advise on how to meet testing requirements.

Keeping you compliant

Umbrella companies must now ensure they are compliant with new rules, or risk financial punishment. Our testing solution was developed by industry experts with extensive knowledge of employment case law and software development expertise. You can rest assured that your umbrella company’s risk of non-compliance is kept to an absolute minimum.

Keeping you competitive

In a buoyant market, umbrella companies who ensure that contractors can claim expenses with minimum risk will maintain a competitive edge. Strengthen your marketing position by showing prospective clients that they can claim expenses compliantly with our safe and secure solution.

Complete protection with our insurance offering

To eliminate all risk to your umbrella company, you can take advantage of our innovative insurance service. Our all-encompassing protection includes full cover against a negative judgement and a rigorous tax defence if your company is subject to a HMRC investigation.

Efficiency through automation

More government red tape is bound to mean more administration for most umbrella companies. Rather than logging in extra hours carrying out compliance tests one-by-one through HMRC’s manual test, outsourcing your compliance procedure with our fully automated solution will not only save your back office time, it will save you money.

Resell to your contractors

Outsourcing your compliance procedure doesn’t have to be costly either. Our innovative solution lets you purchase test credits for your contractors, after which it is up to you what you do with them. You can obtain discounts for bulk purchases and charge contractors who wish to take the test. And any invitations that do not result in completed tests will be credited back to your account.

Demonstrate your due diligence

HMRC won’t pursue an umbrella for incorrect contract details provided by a contractor unless the umbrella has acted negligently. Demonstrating due diligence by manually checking the answers for a proportion of tests should offer you sufficient protection. Our solution also warns contractors that they will be liable for any incorrect information provided, to further reduce your risk.

Business benefits:


Greater compliance and reduced liability risk


Significantly reduced workload for your back office


Additional revenues from selling SDC tests and expenses processing fees


A competitive edge in the market from being able to continue to operate expenses for compliant contractors

Contractor benefits:


An assessment of their SDC status that may enable them to claim expenses


Greater certainty and peace of mind over their tax position


If eligible, relief worth potentially hundreds to thousands of pounds

How do I get started with SDC Testing?


With potentially thousands of contractors on your books, you’ll have little time to waste. Getting started with us couldn’t be any more straightforward.

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Beyond simply keeping you compliant, our automated SDC testing solution offers a wide range of benefits. SDC Testing enhances your marketing position whilst saving you time and money, and even providing expert insight. Find out more about how SDC Testing can benefit your umbrella company.

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